Trump’s 11th-hour COVID video was filmed in secret and signaled he is willing to ‘burn it all down’: report

According to a new report from the Associated Press, the video message President Trump recorded where he threatened not to sign the new stimulus bill unless his demands are met was recorded in secret.

"The video was released without warning Tuesday night, its recording orchestrated by White House chief of staff Mark Meadows and kept from all but a handful of aides," the AP reports. "Few Republicans or even White House staffers knew Wednesday what Trump planned next, a return to the around-the-clock chaos of his first months in office and a flashback to the 2015 launch of his political career when he delivered direct assaults on GOP leadership and aimed to blow up the party's establishment."

As the AP points out, the video caught Republicans by surprise, signaling that he intends to "burn it all down before he leaves office."

"...potentially sabotaging his party's chances of controlling the Senate as he lashed out in anger at those he believes have not supported his efforts to overturn the election," the report states.

Read the full report over at the Associated Press.