Trump supporter harasses women in parking lot and delivers crazed rant about Kamala Harris being 'a man'

A supporter of former President Donald Trump was caught on camera going on an unhinged rant about Vice President Kamala Harris while harassing two women in a parking lot.

The video begins with the woman accosting two women in a parking lot, apparently angry over the woman's Biden-Harris bumper sticker.

The woman then declares, totally unprompted, "Kamala Harris is a man!"

One of the women can be heard laughing at her for saying this, so she looks directly into the camera and repeats, "Kamala Harris is a man!"

The women proceeded to move to get in their car, but the Trump supporter continued ranting at them.

"Are you a BLM or antifa?" she demanded to know. "Do you burn down buildings and kill children?"

The Trump supporter's companion, who was wearing a t-shirt that read, "Roger Stone Did Nothing Wrong," soon approached, and the women told her to get control of her friend who was harassing them.

"Tell her to get away from me!" one of the women shouted. "I'll call the cops!"

"I dare you!" the defiant Trump supporter replied. "I f*cking dare you!"

Watch the video below.