'Very sick' Trump supporter refused COVID-19 test because he feared it would make president look bad: WSJ reporter
Donald Trump tears off COVID-19 mask (Photo: Screen capture)

On CNN Wednesday, Michael Bender, author of the Trump election expose book Frankly, We Did Win This Election, regaled the story of a sick supporter of the former president who refused a COVID-19 test — because he thought it would make Trump look bad.

"One of the things this book does that I don't think any other Trump book — we go behind the scenes in the Oval Office, and I spent two years with a really hardcore cross-section of the Trump base, folks who go to 10, 20, 30, 50 rallies, to try to understand their appeal and really why they still go today," said Bender. "Well, these people were misled when it comes to COVID."

Bender then drilled down to one particular Trump supporter who contracted the virus.

"I became very close with a man named Randall," continued Bender. "Randall is a former Marine. He's overweight, he's a smoker, he's in his late 60s. He understands the health risks of COVID. When he got very, very sick and thought he had COVID, he refused to go get tested because he didn't want to 'add to his president's [coronavirus case] numbers. That's how he described it to me. He didn't want to come out positive. He also didn't want to come up as even a test taken."

Watch below:

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