Trump supporter arrested for Capitol attack had arsenal of ammunition and machetes
Photo: Social media

Police arrested Samuel Fisher on Wednesday morning for his participation in the Capitol insurrection on Jan. 6. Fisher had bragged about his role in the attack and bringing firearms to the city.

The Daily Beast reported goes by "Brad Holiday" in the right-wing conspiracy world. He is being charged with disorderly conduct on restricted grounds and unlawful entry. It was the New York Daily News, that announced Fisher had an "arsenal of ammunition, tactical gear, two machetes, an American flag, and at least one shotgun."

Fisher posted several photos of himself inside the Capitol on his social media and bragged about his role in the attack. When he was asked if he was on the "frontlines," the Daily Beast noted that he answered: "It was awesome. It was dangerous and violent. People died...but it was fucking great if you ask me….i (sic) got tear-gassed and pepper-sprayed."

He continued: "Seeing cops literally run ... was the coolest thing ive (sic) ever seen in my life. Cant (sic) divulge too much here...but fuck the DC police. In all seriousness and get ready."

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