Trump supporter arrested after threatening to execute Connecticut’s governor

A supporter of President Donald Trump has been arrested after making threats against Connecticut Gov. Ned Lamont (D).

According to the Hartford Courant, Jonathan D. Wright was arrested Monday after being charged with a count of second-degree threatening. The threat came from a tweet that Wright posted last month.

While it's unclear which tweet specifically Wright was arrested for, the most recent one was Oct. 23, saying, "You are scum living on borrowed time. President Trump knows what you did to the elderly Covid patients that were sent to nursing homes. All is known and you will meet your maker courtesy of a noose and a trap door. Treason = Death."

Wright admitted that he was the author of the tweet, which he said was out of anger "but with no malicious intent."

The reference possibly came from an Aug. 2020 report from New Jersey saying that Connecticut nursing homes weren't prepared for the global pandemic. Lamont responded to the report by saying that early on in the pandemic he limited guests to nursing homes and found PPE for workers and tried to test as many as possible as fast as possible. As with other states, Connecticut had problems getting testing kits in March 2020, Lamont said.

While the CDC sent test kits to Washington state in early Feb. 2020, at that point there were about 50,000 test kits for the whole of the United States. It was then discovered that only a few kits were able to give a conclusive result, The New Yorker reported at the time. It was March 21, 2020, when the FDA first approved the rapid test kits.

"Let's face it, we should have done everything earlier, if we could have," Lamont said last year. "Back in March, we were very limited in terms of the testing we had ... Early on, we had to send our tests down to Atlanta."

None of that stopped Wright. In fact, it isn't his first threatening tweet. On Oct. 21 he tweeted: "…We will NOT be happy until Justice is served and you are IN PRISON or take a one-way NUREMBERG CODE trip to Guantanamo Bay. IT'S COMING. PRESIDENT DONALD J. TRUMP APPROVES OF THIS MESSAGE."

Wright's bail is set at $30,000 and he is scheduled to appear in court Nov. 29.

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