Trump supporter infuriates neighbors as she refuses to take down profane anti-Biden signs near an elementary school
Screenshot via ABC7

Tension is enveloping a New Jersey town over pro-Trump signs on the front lawn of Andrea Dick's home, which many people in her neighborhood find offensive, ABC7 reports. Now, the city of Roselle Park is asking her to take the signs down.

"They want me to take the flags down by Monday which is not happening, I'm not doing it, I have a right to have those flags there, freedom of speech," Dick told ABC7, referring to the signs which contains profane language and an image of Donald Trump giving the middle finger.

"At this stage we have issued a warning, the summons is going out today, if there is no compliance there, then there will be a court appearance and a subsequent fine," Roselle Mayor Joseph Signorello III said.

The house has reportedly turned into a small tourist attraction and, according to, some neighbors are infuriated.

"This is terrible, I mean kids go by here, it's a family neighborhood, and why," one neighbor told ABC7.

"We have an ordinance on the books that prohibits sexually profane things and anything that is profane in nature. Nine times out of 10 it would be slightly less of an issue if it wasn't right by a school but it's literally a block away from an elementary school," Signorello said.

Watch ABC7's report on the story below: