Trump supporter screamed ‘we ride for Trump we die for Trump’ as mob stormed the Capitol: prosecutors
Rioters clash with police trying to enter Capitol building through the front doors. (lev radin /

A man calling himself "Jacob Weed" on the Snapchat account "kingbuddha27" hurled obscenities at police -- and posted diatribes on social media -- in connection the January 6 Capitol insurrection.

Jacob Kyle Wiedrich was arrested in Salt Lake City on charges of disorderly conduct and unlawful entry. In its criminal complaint, the FBI cited "Jacob Weed's" words from a video he posted while moving with the mob through the Capitol:

"The male individual is shown saying "it's wartime!" The male individual is verbally combative with law enforcement attempting to maintain security; at one point, the male individual complains of being shot with rubber bullets and tear gassed," the FBI complaint states.

"As the mob moves closer to the Capitol building, the male yells "we're not done!" and "Charge! Charge the motherfucker!" to the mob. The male also screams "take it back!" At one point, the male screams "we ride for Trump, we die for Trump!" The male moves close to an open window and begins screaming at law enforcement inside the Capitol building."

In an earlier video, Wiedrich, wearing a MAGA hat and a space-shuttle T-shirt, had this to offer:

"(Wiedrich) states that he is going to describe the difference between what "we" did yesterday and "Black Lives Matter" riots from the previous year. (He) also states, "we marched to the Capitol, broke a few windows, but we made a statement that we won't put up with this fraud - the election of 2020."

The report added, "For context, it is clear the male individual is referring to the riot at the US Capitol, as the male makes special reference to Ashli Babbitt being shot."

Wiedrich was not charged with violence against Capitol police, but he apparently came right up to the line:

"Once inside, Wiedrich screams at and taunts USCP officers on the perimeter of the mob for several minutes; at one point, Wiedrich is so confrontational that another member of the mob physically restrains him. Wiedrich continues to walk around the corridor before moving deeper into the U.S. Capitol by proceeding down a hallway known to lead towards the House wing

"Dietrich's actions on the video are in contradiction to what he told the FBI in an interview, in which he minimized his participation and claimed he only entered approximately 10 feet inside the exterior door before turning around and leaving."

You can read the FBI arrest document here.