Trump’s insurrection failed — now his most die-hard supporters think he betrayed them

President Donald Trump is losing some of his most ardent supporters after Wednesday's failed insurrection at the U.S. Capitol.

Ben Collins, who tracks online extremism for NBC News, noted a fissure has emerged in the same extremist forums where the insurrection was organized.

Extremist forums like TheDonald/4chan are turning on the president after that video. They're extremely upset at him, Lin Wood, and Q. This appears to be the moment they realized there was no grand plan to win back the election," Collins tweeted Thursday evening. "This may not be permanent, but they feel betrayed."

Part of the betrayal was Trump's efforts to distance himself from the insurrections, whom he had praised as "special" people that he "loved" the day before.

"There has been a substantial split tonight," Collins explained. "About half of Parler and pro-Trump Facebook is still going with the 'it was Antifa' lie. TheDonald/4chan/the other half of Parler are doubling down on storming the Capitol, since they organized it there, and are turning on Trump."

BuzzFeed News reporter Molly Hensley-Clancy posted screenshots on Twitter.