WATCH: Trump supporter brags about stealing Capitol cops' riot shield in selfie video posted on Parler
A Trump supporter brags about stealing a Capitol Police riot shield. (Twitter/Screencap)

A supporter of President Donald Trump last week filmed himself bragging about stealing a riot shield from Capitol Hill Police officers and then posted it on Parler.

The video starts off with the Trump supporter informing his followers that "we are at the Capitol right now," before he holds up a riot shield that has the logo of the United States Capitol Police emblazoned on the front.

"If you ever take over the Capitol or any other big place, make sure you bring a shield," the Trump supporter informed his followers. "You can't get this anywhere except for [from] the cops' hands!"

The incriminating video is just one of several Parler videos that have been leaked as part of a massive data breach that occurred just before the right-wing social media network got shut off by Amazon Web Services for refusing to take down user posts that incited violence.

Watch the video below.