‘I’m no cult member’: Trump supporter starts ranting at her brother in bizarre TV interview
Trump supporter interviewed about Capitol riot. (Channel 4/Screenshot)

This week, Channel 4 in Britain aired an investigation of the Capitol invasion, and spoke with a group of "die-hard" Trump supporters in Lorton, Virginia, not far from where the chaos took place.

One woman in the interview simply retreated to denialism.

"There was no raid," she said. "There was a peaceful march, just as the president requested of us ... we can blame antifa, they were there, we can blame Black Lives Matter, they were there."

Later in the interview, the woman became very defensive and lashed out at members of her family critical of her political views.

"President Trump will always, always be appreciated by us," she said. "And let me say to my brother Thomas over there, wherever you are, and to my cousin Dale over in Wales, I am no Trump cult member! I am an intelligent woman, I am an American, I am a proud American. And I am proud to stand with the president who has done so much for this country."

Watch below: