Hardcore MAGA fans have become so 'radicalized' that they think watching sports makes you 'feminine': reporter
Trump supporters at Stop the Steal rally outside Minnesota State Capitol. (Photo credit: Chad Davis)

When most people think of manly activities, watching sports is typically right up there with drinking beer, grilling meat, or repairing cars.

But NBC News' Ben Collins reports that hardcore MAGA fans have become so "radicalized" by many professional athletes' embrace of the Black Lives Matter movement that they now think it's "feminine" to watch sports.

"The big things users gripe about on extremist far-right sites in the last few months are: Trans people, gay people, LGBTQ allies, and people who like sports," reports Collins. "They call it sports 'sportsball' and complain constantly."

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As an illustration, Collins posted a link to recent popular posts at a pro-Trump forum that read, "You're not white if you're still watching sportsball at this point" and "Watching sportsball this spring/summer? F*CK YOU for being a short-term memory piece of sh*t."

Collins then comments that, combined with conservatives' newfound desire to bring down Disney, MAGA heads are engaging in "a full divorce from regular people."

"It's hard to think of anything more alienating in America than 'let's hate football fans and work to stop kids from watching Frozen,' but that's where the far-right has been laser-focused in the last month," he writes. "They're trying to take down sports and Disney, mostly due to homophobia."

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