Counties that voted for Trump are less likely to get the COVID vaccine: report
Donald Trump rips off mask following a return to White House from hospitalization for COVID-19 (Photo: screen capture)

President Donald Trump is desperately trying to take credit for getting a COVID-19 vaccine to the people. Ironically, it's a claim that flies in the face of pharmaceutical scientists and virologists who began work on a cure in Jan. 2020 while Trump was still denying that the virus existed.

But Trump's leadership doesn't appear to be what he thought it was. While his supporters still love and adore him, they don't trust him when it comes to the virus or the vaccine, Axios reported Monday.

According to the data, U.S. counties that supported Trump in the 2020 election have higher cases of adults saying they would "probably not" or "definitely not" get the vaccine.

"Your politics don't have anything to do with whether you're vulnerable to the coronavirus if you remain unvaccinated," said Axios. However, it certainly determines one's willingness to be vaccinated. Southern states were more prominent but were certainly not exclusively anti-vaccine. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) noted the problem "to be highly socially vulnerable based on factors like poverty, lack of access to transportation and crowded housing."

The report also calculated that one-fifth of Americans claim that they definitely will not get the vaccine or they'd only do it if they're required to. An additional 17 percent said that they want to "wait" before getting the vaccine, Axios reported citing the Kaiser Family Foundation.

Trump daughter, Ivanka, drew outrage from the former president's supporters when she posted a photo getting her vaccine in Florida.

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