Donald Trump 'attempted one of the most sweeping crimes against the Constitution in US history': analysis
Donald Trump -- via AFP

Revelations about President Donald Trump's Justice Department staff testifying behind closed doors have reverberated through Trumpworld. Already, Trump is starting his morning with a slate of statements attempting to distract from the news.

According to a CNN analysis, Trump has a lot to distract from. Former acting Attorney General Jeffrey Rosen testified for seven hours in the Senate Judiciary Committee.

"The flood of shocking new disclosures means that a potential new White House campaign by Trump in 2024 would come with the most grave implications for American democracy in decades," the analysis said.

Judiciary Committee chair Sen. Dick Durbin (D-IL) called the testimony "frightening," claiming the DOJ was working behind closed doors to attempt to overthrow the 2020 election for Trump.

Sen. Richard Blumenthal's (D-CT) take was even more startling as he revealed just "how close the country came to total catastrophe" earlier this year.

Last week, documents were revealed showing a DOJ Trump loyalist, Jeffrey Clark, was crafting documents that would effectively nullify the Georgia election and hand it over to the state legislature.

"A source familiar said the testimony provided new details about a January 3 White House meeting in which Trump had Rosen and Clark effectively audition for the job of acting attorney general. The President eventually decided not to replace Rosen with Clark," said CNN. "Rosen and Donoghue both testified that Trump did not order them to do anything illegal and eventually accepted the Justice Department could not claim voter fraud when there was no evidence that it took place."

Durbin said that he was surprised by "just how directly, personally involved the President was, the pressure he was putting on Jeffrey Rosen."

"It was real, very real. And it was very specific. This President's not subtle when he wants something, the former President. He is not subtle when he wants something," he also said.

Trump has always been smooth enough not to ask people directly to break the law for him. Durbin explained that was similar in this case. Instead, Rosen was being asked to meet with people who had outlandish theories that weren't realistic.

What the CNN analysis explained was that this is another feather in Trump's cap of corruption. Another DOJ official who testified over the weekend, Richard Donoghue, recently revealed his notes of calls with Trump. The most shocking was Trump's demand that the Justice Department says that the 2020 election was corrupt. Trump said he would take care of the rest.

It gives a whole new understanding of why former Attorney General Bill Barr spoke to the Associated Press ahead of resigning saying that there was no corruption in the election.

"The patchwork of new details prove that Trump's unhinged behavior after losing the election was not only more extreme than it appeared from the outside," said the CNN analysis. "The emerging timeline also suggests that Trump attempted one of the most sweeping crimes against the Constitution in US history. He tried to use presidential power to overturn the election in Georgia and elsewhere. He imposed huge pressure on career officials to go along with his corruption. And he called a mob to Washington, which, incited by his lies, staged an insurrection against Congress as it was in the act of certifying Joe Biden's election victory. If Trump was still in power, new details of such abuses of power would undoubtedly merit a third impeachment."

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