Former Trump officials are 'disgusted' after learning he endangered their health: CNN's Acosta
Sarah K. Burris

CNN's Jim Acosta said on Wednesday that officials who worked in the Trump White House reached out to him to share their feelings about revelations that he concealed a positive COVID-19 test from them last fall.

Discussing the bombshell claims about Trump's positive COVID test made by former chief of staff Mark Meadows, Acosta said that many former Trump officials were not pleased to hear that their one-time boss endangered their physical health.

"I can tell you from talking to former senior White House officials, there are a number of them who were disgusted by this," he said. "That was the word used by one senior white house official I spoke with earlier today."

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Acosta went on to link Trump's reckless behavior with his administration's overall response to the COVID-19 pandemic, which so far has killed more than 780,000 Americans.

"It just goes back to what we all saw, you know, in real time throughout Trump's handling of the coronavirus, from when he was downplaying testing, to telling people that they can inject themselves with disinfectants, to saying it was a miracle it would all go away," he said. "He was essentially patient zero in our disinformation pandemic and as it turns out may have been patient zero in an outbreak at the White House."

Watch the video below.

Former Trump officials are 'disgusted' by bombshell Mark Meadows claim that he put them in danger