Trump is 'traumatized' by his election loss: 'It's all he can talk about, it's all he can think about'
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On CNN Wednesday, chief White House correspondent Jim Acosta reported that outgoing President Donald Trump is "traumatized" and "out of his mind" over his election loss in the final weeks of his term.

"I talked to a source, a GOP source close to the president who speaks with him regularly, and I take no pleasure in reporting this, but this source tells me that he believes the president is out of his mind. The quote used by this source is 'he is out of his mind,'" said Acosta. "And the source says the president is so traumatized by his loss in the election it is all he can talk about, it is all he can think about, it's all-consuming for him. And in this source's opinion he is out of his mind."

"You don't want to get into that kind of conversation when talking about the president of the United States. You don't take pleasure in that as a reporter, using that kind of language," said Acosta. "But when a source close to the president — and this is a source who has known the president a long time, talks to him a lot — says he's out of his mind, I think that is serious."

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