Biden officials feel 'blessed' they don't have to deal with questions on 'deranged' Trump tweets: report
President Donald Trump (Screen cap)

Former President Donald Trump has been permanently banned from Twitter, and officials in President Joe Biden's administration are reportedly breathing sighs of relief.

Politico reports that there's a sense of relief within the White House that they don't have to deal with questions about Trump tweets as they overturn executive orders the former president issued throughout his first term.

"Not having to deal with a deranged new tweet every hour? They feel blessed," one outside adviser tells Politico.

Philip N. Howard, director of the Oxford Internet Institute, said that the relative calm in the news cycle caused by Trump's absence from Twitter has shown just how much he dominated the framing of every political conversation.

"Having him off Twitter allows the conversation about climate change to stay on topic — and about evidence," he said. "He was a kind of sinkhole in the media ecosystem, which often trapped professional journalists into covering inane stories or simply burned them out as individuals."

Democratic pollster John Anzalone said it was good for the country that Trump has been booted off Twitter, but he also chided the media for paying so much attention to Trump tweets in the first place.

"Would the press still be reporting what he says?" he asked. "When does it end? When does his criticism become irrelevant? At some point, it's just an angry citizen, ex-president."