Trump officials are terrified of the president's 'increasingly unhinged and delusional' behavior: CNN
Donald Trump during a rally. (

On Tuesday's edition of CNN's "The Situation Room," reporter Jeremy Diamond revealed that outgoing President Donald Trump's allies are getting tired of his ongoing attacks on the results of the election.

"The president's allies and advisers are continuing to sound the alarm over what they see as the president's increasingly unhinged and delusional efforts to overturn the results of the election," said Diamond. "A senior Republican close to the president is telling me this evening, quote, 'we're watching a petulant child not getting his way throw a tantrum.'

"There is also concern about the people the president is hearing from as he continues to conduct these efforts," added Diamond. "A former adviser to the president also telling me that what we're watching right now is the president 'stress-testing democracy.'"

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