‘There will be violence’: John Dean predicts Trump will attempt ‘dictators’ play’ as the walls close in
Donald Trump / Gage Skidmore.

Former Watergate figure John Dean warned there will be violence as Donald Trump finds himself in increasing legal peril.

Richard Nixon's former White House counsel, who was disbarred after his Watergate conviction, offered his analysis following Tuesday's hearing in a Brooklyn courtroom before Special Master Raymond Dearie.

"It seems Trump’s lawyers are trying to protect his lie that he declassified all the Mar A Largo documents," Dean wrote in a thread posted to Twitter. "GOP does not want him to declare until after 11/08 so he needs the lie. He feels (rightly) he won’t be indicted until after the midterms. After the midterms, he will declare!"

"As a POTUS candidate he is not only the center of attention but he can claim any indictment is a political act to keep him out of the Oval Office. Running for POTUS is his best defense from going to jail. Who knows, he might convince one or more jurors! If he wins…. No. He won’t," Dean predicted.

Dean went on to predict multiple indictments for the former president.

"Trump will be indicted in a RICO action in GA, and federally for Obstruction of Justice (at minimum) for his theft of classified information, plus Seditious Conspiracy and Conspiracy to Defraud (at minimum) for Jan 6th. In short, he should face three criminal cases before 2024," Dean wrote.

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"He believes he can use the dictator's ploy of mounting riots if the government comes after him, and some of his followers will comply so there will be violence. But law enforcement, the National Guard and the US military will prevail. And Trump will earn added criminal charges," he further predicted. "Trump and GOP enablers are an evil that must be addressed for what it is doing to our nation. The way to deal with it is to stay informed for only fools want what Trump is offering."

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