Trump wants Mark Meadows to be his 'fall guy' — but the DOJ can thwart him: Former prosecutor
Gage Skidmore.

On Wednesday's edition of MSNBC's "The ReidOut," former federal prosecutor Glenn Kirschner outlined former President Donald Trump's plan to insulate himself from criminal liability for the January 6 insurrection by putting it all on his chief of staff, Mark Meadows.

However, Kirschner emphasized, this strategy will only work if the Justice Department allows it to.

"More on the frightening responses," said anchor Joy Reid. "Why don't we kill them. Every last Democrat. The average Democrat is a traitor. They do not care about election fraud. The punishment for treason is death. Day of the Rope. White revolution is the only solution, and they literally brought a rope which we now know through Ben Collins' great journalism, that's what day — that was sort of an indication of Day of the Rope."

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"Donald Trump did all of that," Reid continued. "Donald Trump caused those people to say those things and post those things, not Mark Meadows. So how could it be that Mark Meadows becomes the fall guy, because everything he did was done for the president, Donald Trump? How could Mark Meadows be the fall guy when all that I just showed you was Trump's doing?"

"Mark Meadows can only become the fall guy if the Department of Justice lets him become the fall guy," said Kirschner. "Should he be charged for his crimes, absolutely, but does that mean the Department of Justice should stop at Mark Meadows? Absolutely not. Donald Trump is the hub, of the hub and spoke conspiracy that I've been talking about, including on your show for a very long time. Donald Trump is the hub from which all of these criminal spokes radiated. You know, we heard about this battle royale in the Oval Office with Team Normal, the folks that passed for adult in the Trump administration, and the crazies, the QAnon people, the Powells and Giulianis and you got the sense from listening to the evidence that everyone in the room knew that there was absolutely no evidence supporting these absurd claims of election fraud."

"None of it mattered to Donald Trump because, at the end of the day, it was by any means necessary," continued Kirschner. "He was going to retain power, so in the early morning hours at the conclusion of that meeting, he sent the tweet setting the date for the Capitol attack, and all that was left was to try to violently stop the certification of Joe Biden's win. Meadows can't take the fall for any of that. He bears criminal responsibility, but, you know, the criminal buck has to stop with Donald Trump."

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Glenn Kirschner on Trump's plan to sacrifice Mark Meadows