Trump demands end to vote-by-mail, early voting and 'other abuses' so Republicans 'can win' again

Former President Donald Trump proposed a series of changes to the elections to ensure that fewer people would be able to make it to the polls.

According to the 2020 loser, Trump said that "the level of dishonesty is not to be believed." After attacking the U.S. Supreme Court, Trump claimed that the only way to help him and other Republicans is to remove early voting, vote-by-mail, demand voter ID, universal signature matching, verification of citizenship, and chain of custody protection for every ballot.

Trump went on to cite large cities in swing states that tend to have a larger African American population. In Detroit, Trump said that there were more voters than people who lived in the city, which is a lie. In Philadelphia, Trump said that there were more ballots than voters, which was another lie.

Trump claimed that the Republicans must do something about it and that the Supreme Court "didn't have the guts to do anything about it."

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