Trump's rich pals 'barely' giving any money to his PAC because they don't think he's running in 2024: NYT's Haberman
Donald Trump -- via AFP

New York Times reporter Maggie Haberman noticed that President Donald Trump's super PAC fundraising seems to be struggling to bring in his wealthy pals that previously supported him.

Reporter Shane Goldmacher cited the recent disclosures for Trump donations and expenditures between July 1 and Aug. 16, which covered two special elections in which Trump invested.

According to the numbers, Trump only brought in $1.5 million from his donors to spend on the Ohio and Texas elections. MAGA PAC spent $300,000 on television ads in Ohio where in Texas he released several statements, recorded a robocall, and did a $100,000 ad buy. So, he's still making a lot more than he's spending to help Republican allies.

It still prompted Haberman to note that many wealthy friends don't think Trump will run in 2024, so they don't want to fork over a ton of money that could ultimately end up creating "a pool of other people's money."

See the tweet below: