Trump aide credits ex-president's weight loss to losing the White House
Photo via Twitter account of J.D. Durkin ( @jiveDurkey )

According to President Donald Trump's aide Jason Miller, the former leader has lost a lot of weight in large part because he's no longer president.

Trump, who had a button on his desk to demand someone bring him Diet Cokes, gained a noticeable amount of weight while in the White House. Miller acknowledged that Trump had lost a lot of weight since the presidency because he doesn't have someone available 24 hours a day to bring him whatever he wants.

While Trump has struggled with impulse control when it comes to tweets and rally lines, Miller indicated it extends to his snacking habit as well.

While Trump may have spent time golfing nearly every week, being able to live on a golf course means he gets far more exercise, which also contributed to the loss.

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