Trump will eventually turn against DeSantis as his popularity continues to heat up: columnist predicts

Writing in the Washington Post this Tuesday, Phillip Bump mentioned Donald Trump's tendency to turn on former allies and friends once he perceives them to be gaining a leg up on him. According to Bump, the same fate awaits Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis and momentum and speculation around his potential 2024 run continues to heat up.

"The point, though, is simple: Nothing frustrates Trump more obviously and viscerally than coming in second. Which is not great news for Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis," Bump writes.

Trump consistently outperformed DeSantis until a straw poll at the Western Conservative Summit over the weekend had DeSantis in the lead. While straw polls aren't that significant in the long run, Bump predicts that Trump won't let this one slide.

"There was no real way that Trump would have been able to maintain the same fervent level of support he enjoyed as president once he left office, Bump writes. "That's simply not how politics works. So, as long as Trump continues to harbor a desire to reclaim his position in three years, he runs the risk of comparing unfavorably with other potential candidates. That includes ones like DeSantis, who get to enjoy public attention by virtue of their positions."

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