The GOP is on a 'kamikaze mission' to destroy itself: top Republican donor

On Monday's edition of CNN's "OutFront," in response to the news that the far-right family of Rep. Adam Kinzinger (R-IL) wrote a letter accusing him of helping "the devil's army," prominent GOP donor Dan Eberhart warned that his party is now at a crossroads — and will destroy itself if it tries to cling to Trumpism.

"The Republican Party has a choice right now," said Eberhart, who previously urged the GOP to cut Trump loose for the sake of holding the Senate majority. "Do we want to be the Republican Party of Ronald Reagan and prescribe the 11th Commandment, thou shalt not speak ill of other Republicans, and have a big-tent party that can win elections, as the Democrats just had, obviously? Or do we want a party like Barry Goldwater, where we're conservative, we're pure, we're pure around Trump, and shun the others, but lose elections like Barry Goldwater lost in a landslide in 1964? And I'm afraid we're choosing to lose in a landslide right now."

"Republicans needed to step back and say, hey, look, how do we win elections and get a center-right thought and our policies through? And is that more important than circling around — the wagons around Trump, who lost in 2020?" said Eberhart. "To me, this is a kamikaze mission."

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