Trump’s Treasury secretary to be called to testify in 'espionage lite' trial: report
(Official White House Photo D. Myles Cullen)

The defense team for former Trump adviser Tom Barrack is planning to call former Treasury Secretary Steven Mnuchin to testify in Barrack's case where he's accused of illegally lobbying Trump's presidential campaign and his subsequent administration on behalf of the United Arab Emirates, ABC News reports.

Government prosecutors say they intend to file a motion opposing parts of Mnuchin's testimony if he appears.

"The government's high-profile case at times offered a glimpse into the workings of former President Donald Trump's inner circle during the 2016 campaign and the early days of his administration, including their contacts with foreign officials. Trump associates including Paul Manafort, Jared Kushner, and Rick Gates have all been mentioned over the course of the trial," ABC News' report stated.

One of Barrack's former employees, Justin Chang, testified that two UAE sovereign wealth funds promised to invest nearly $400 million into a fund tied to Barrack's company around the time he was acting as an agent of the UAE, according to ABC News.

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Barrack has been charged “with one count of conspiracy and one count of acting as foreign agents without notifying the Justice Department, under section 951 of the criminal code, which national security officials have called ‘espionage lite,’” CNN reported.

Barrack has pleaded not guilty to the charges.

Read the full report over at ABC News.

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