'Mind-blowing to me': Don Trump Jr. can't wrap head around Tucker Carlson's firing
Don Trump Jr. (Photo by Chandan Khanna for AFP)

Donald Trump Jr. reacted with shock to the firing of Fox News host Tucker Carlson.

"I think it changes things permanently," Trump told conservative podcast host Charlie Kirk on Monday. "You know, the whole thing is it's actually mind-blowing to me, and I guess and to everyone else, given what you've seen happen to Fox's market cap in the last few hours."

Trump said that he hoped Carlson would continue broadcasting from another outlet.

"I hope whatever he does, he continues to be that voice for conservatism because, again, he's one of the few people pushing those boundaries," he said. "One of the few people, you know, actually speaking to independents and across the aisle and winning them over with facts, logic, and reason."

"I think he's probably a once-in-a-generation type talent," Trump added. "And to see him go is it's mind-boggling."

Watch the video below from Real America's Voice.