Media watchdog issues dire warning: 'Fox News, not Facebook, will be driver of next insurrection'

Fox News will be the driver of America's next insurrection, the leader of a watchdog group that monitors right-wing communication warned on Monday.

The prediction came after Fox News personality Tucker Carlson warned of revolt if the Biden administration did not "change course immediately."

"This can't go on. When leaders refuse to hold themselves accountable over time people revolt. That happens. We need to change course immediately and start acknowledging our mistakes. The people who made them need to start acknowledging them or else the consequences will be awful," Carlson said.

Angelo Carusone, the president and CEO of the watchdog group Media Matters for America, said that at some time in the coming months, "when there's another big violent right wing flashpoint that captures attention, way too many in media will wonder out loud: 'how did this happen?' 'Were there the signs?' You don't need to wade into the online fever-swamps to see the cauldron of extremism simmering. Fox News is ratcheting up heat and legitimizing nightly."

"Fox News, not Facebook, will be driver of next insurrection. Plain and simple," he wrote.