'Worst human known to man': Tucker Carlson destroyed after laughing at DC cop with PTSD
Tucker Carlson laughs at Michael Fanone's PTSD (Photo: Screen capture)

Among the many insulting things Tucker Carlson said about the police officers who testified before Congress Tuesday, he laughed at Officer Michael Fanone for having PTSD after being beaten unconscious.

During his show, Carlson cast doubt on Fanone's claims of having PTSD after he reported having no such traumas last year after serving during the Black lives Matter protests in Washington, D.C. last summer.

Carlson then implied that Fanone was lying about his suffering now, although the Capitol riots were the only documented time over the last year that Fanone was beaten until he lost consciousness, which is significantly more traumatic than his work policing the BLM protests.

Carlson's dismissal of Fanone's trauma earned him instant scorn -- check out some reactions below.