Tucker mocks DC cop's claim of suffering from PTSD — even though he was beaten and knocked unconscious

Fox News host Tucker Carlson began his show with more conspiracies around the coronavirus, but after ten minutes of rambling, he began talking about Tuesday's major news: The first hearing of the Capitol riot House Select Committee.

Even though Carlson in the past has promoted himself as very pro-police, he nonetheless viciously trashed the Capitol Police officers who testified at the start of the hearing.

First was Officer Harry Dunn, who began the proceedings asking for a moment of silence for his fellow officer Brian Sicknick. Dunn said that Sicknick died as a result of what he experienced that day, something Carlson disputes.

Sicknick, who served in the New Jersey Air National Guard before joining the Capitol police in 2008, experienced a stroke in conjunction with the Capitol attack.

Sicknick wasn't out of shape and his family hasn't indicated he had high blood pressure or there was ever a fear of a stroke.

But according to Carlson, Sicknick's stroke probably had nothing to do with what he experienced that day, even though his brother, Ken Sicknick, said that he collapsed in the Capitol before being revived with CPR.

Shortly after that, officials say, Sicknick developed a blood clot that would lead to the stroke that would kill him.

Carlson then attacked Officer Brian Fanone, implying that he was lying about his PTSD. Fanone testified that he had trauma from the Capitol incident. According to Carlson, Fanone should have experienced trauma during the Black Lives Matter protests the year previously.

The Fox News host went on to claim that the attack at the Capitol wasn't all that bad compared to Black Lives Matter, but he didn't show a video of the attackers breaking through the doors, beating police officers, squeezing cops in doors, or spraying chemicals.

Instead, he showed a clip of them milling about on the lower floor of the building in a clear attempt to downplay the seriousness of the attack.

Finally, Carlson claimed that he wants to see a hearing about the Black Lives Matter riots, which he said resulted in no arrests. It's another factually inaccurate claim. Two protesters were arrested for setting Wendy's on fire in Atlanta during the protests over Rayshard Brooks, for example, and a report from last year said that over 10,000 Black Lives Matter protesters were arrested that summer.

See his video below: