Tucker Carlson accuses Don Lemon of having 'white supremacist QAnon cookie jar' in bizarre rant

On Fox News Monday, Tucker Carlson went off the rails with an attack on CNN late-night anchor Don Lemon that outed the neighborhood in which he lives, and the interior of his house.

Carlson referred to Lemon, who is Black, as a "successful victim" who "doesn't like diversity," and noted that his neighborhood is majority-white. But perhaps the strangest moment of the segment was when Carlson zeroed in on Lemon's cookie jar, which appeared to be in the shape of a mid-twentieth century Black caricature figure.

"You have heard from the White House, from the president himself, that white supremacy is a lurking threat," said Carlson. "You might not always see it, but like Russian spies, white supremacists come in the dark of night, in the most surprising form. They're shapeshifters. Now, we're not calling anyone a white supremacist, but you have to ask yourself — what is this? This symbol of hate — symbol of hate, posing as a cookie jar — doing in Don Lemon's kitchen? Do you see that? That right there, ladies and gentlemen, is a white supremacist QAnon cookie jar."

"Now, we're not calling for the Department of Justice to look more deeply into this, because that's not our place," said Carlson. "We're a cable news show, not a law enforcement agency. But let's just put it this way. If you find yourself with a blackface cookie jar in your own kitchen — hah — it's time to reflect."

Watch below: