Tucker Carlson and Whoopi Goldberg

Fox News host Tucker Carlson went off on a rant Wednesday against President Joe Biden's nominee to the Supreme Court. According to Carlson, Ketanji Brown Jackson's qualifications of being the top of her class at Harvard Law School, editor of the Harvard Law Review and 25 years of experience wasn't enough for him. According to Carlson, he needs to see her LSAT scores.

The LSAT is the exam you study to get into law school, similar to the SATs for undergraduate degrees. The implication is that despite Brown Jackson's qualifications, she got into college as an affirmative action candidate.

"Well, funny, you didn't ask Amy Coney Barrett that," said Whoopi Goldberg. "You didn't ask that for that with [Brett] Kavanaugh. So, I hate to tell you this, Tucker, but this may be one of the reasons people actually think you are racist."

She noted that Carlson wasn't interested in interviewing the judge but instead just lodging his own conspiracy theories that Brown Jackson isn't qualified.

"Didn't he pay someone to take the SATs? Allegedly," asked Joy Behar about Carlson, who is heir to the Swanson TV dinner fortune.

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Carlson went to Carlson's Trinity College and the San Francisco Chronicle reported that in his yearbook he is described as a member of the "Dan White Society." White was the assassin of Harvey Milk.

" This woman is more qualified than pretty much almost anybody on the court," said Goldberg.

The panel of women went on to promote Brown Jackson's qualifications for the high court.

Sunny Hostin noted that the Fox network has had a difficult time spelling the judge's name.

"They questioned Obama too. It's racism," said Joy Behar.

"That's what I said!" exclaimed Goldberg. "This is why people may think that you are a racist, Tucker."

See the exchange below:

Tucker Calls for Judge Jackson’s LSAT Scores | The View www.youtube.com

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