Tucker Carlson is being used by the Kremlin to spread fake news -- and he knows it: Nicolle Wallace
Composite image of MSNBC’s Nicolle Wallace and Fox News’ Tucker Carlson (screengrabs)

MSNBC host Nicolle Wallace on Monday cited a report from Mother Jones revealing that Russian authorities are telling their state networks to air Fox host Tucker Carlson's commentaries all over the country.

Carlson has spent the past several weeks questioning why Americans should hate Russian President Vladimir Putin, while also spreading propaganda about supposed bioweapons labs in Ukraine that the Kremlin is now using to justify its invasion.

"[Whether he] completely understands what he is doing, willfully spreading pro-Russian propaganda as Putin slaughters innocents in Ukraine, is at this point immaterial," said Wallace. "The fact of the matter is, beyond dispute, Russia thinks he's spreading pro-Russian propaganda as they slaughter innocents in Ukraine...Mother Jones also reports that Fox News and Tucker Carlson did not respond to requests for comment in English or Russian."

One of Wallace's guests, former FBI investigator Peter Strzok, said that Carlson holds responsibility for the increase in violence, including Benjamin Hall, an international Fox reporter who was severely injured on Monday during a bombing.

"I think it's an extraordinary document," he said of the memo. "And I think it is surprising in what it contains but how closely the goals that they layout are parroted by the things that you hear coming out of Tucker Carlson in particular. I think it's important to note, you know, we frequently talk about Russian active measures, about Russian disinformation in terms of their impact on the United States, in terms of the way they seek to manipulate U.S. opinion. But I don't think that's what you're seeing right here."

Stzrok explained that Putin is using Carlson's videos to show his own people that the United States is with him, even if it isn't true. Putin thinks it will help him maintain power.

"So, don't think of these comments that they're pulling out of Tucker as being designed to send back into the homes of American televisions," he continued. "Think of this as a message that Vladimir Putin is trying to convey to all of those Russian families, the families that you pointed out in the earlier segment are starting to have returning war dead. The government that Vladimir Putin is trying to control, where there's some reporting that multiple FSB officers have been arrested or placed under house arrest and as Putin struggles to try and maintain power, as Putin struggles to try and maintain Russian support for the war in Ukraine, information like this is absolutely essential to convey to the Russian people because it's not some Russian mouthpiece. You've got this western American voice who is saying exactly what they also hear Vladimir Putin saying, so don't discount what the true audience of this information is."

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