Suspect dead after active shooter incident at Tulsa hospital: Police say multiple people shot by man with rifle
Crime scene (Shuttershock)

On Wednesday, police in Tulsa, Oklahoma reported that a gunman shot multiple people at a hospital, according to News On 6.

"Multiple people were injured Wednesday afternoon in a shooting at a doctor's office in Tulsa, police confirm," said the report. "Tulsa Police were called to the Warren Clinic near 64th Street and Yale Avenue. Authorities confirm several injuries, but a precise number is not known."

According to a statement issued by police, the suspect in the incident is dead. A Tulsa city councilperson confirmed that three victims are dead as well.

"Police have shut down the area and are asking people to stay away from the area," the report continued. "Reunification for families is at Memorial High School on the west side of LaFortune Park, according to Tulsa Police."

"Tulsa Police Cpt. Richard Meulenberg said it is unclear whether police shot the suspect. Police said no other threat is known at this time," reported Fox News.

This comes after a series of other high-profile mass shootings across the country, including a white supremacist motivated shooting at a Buffalo supermarket that left 10 Black shoppers dead, and a shooting at an elementary school in Uvalde, Texas that killed 19 children and two teachers.

Watch a live feed of the incident here or at this link.

Police respond to "catastrophic scene" with multiple people shot at Tulsa hospital