Russell “Texas” Bentley

A video went viral this week of a man in a black leather jacket and army-green cap, with a thick southern accent and a convoy of Russian tanks behind him. The video shows he's clearly all-in for Russia, parroting propaganda that they were there to "liberate" Ukraine. He even used the Putin line that they were somehow fighting "Nazis" in Ukraine.

Rolling Stone found out that the man's name is Russell “Texas” Bentley, and he farms cannabis in the United States.

“These guys are tough. These guys are ready. And there’s plenty of ‘em,” Bentley says in the video. “We’re gettin’ ready to bring the hammer down. These guys are going to save and liberate all the good people of Ukraine. And the bad people? BOOM! Kick their ass.”

In an hour-long interview, Bentley indicated that he was with the Russian army for the long haul. In fact, they might take over all of Europe and the United States for Putin along with Ukraine, according to his posts on Russian social media, saying he was "heading west with the Liberators of Ukraine. We may stop in Kiev, we may stop on the English Channel. We may liberate the USA."

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“I don’t give a f*ck what they think about me in the United States,” he told Rolling Stone. “The government — or most of the people."

He once mounted an independent campaign for a Minnesota Senate seat that was ultimately won by Paul Wellstone. He's from a wealthy family and grew up in the "Beverly Hills of Dallas," he explained and a middle school dropout, though he did go back to get his GED.

Growing up, he said "I was reading Ho Chi Minh and Che Guevara. I understood the Vietnamese were right to defend their land against foreign invaders, and that the United States was wrong. I understood that Fidel and Che were right to overthrow the foreign masters that had turned Cuba into a casino and bordello. I’m anti-racist. I’m anti-imperialist. I grew up supporting people’s rights to defend themselves.”

But when it comes to Ukraine, his ideas about democracy were "less developed."

The report noted talking to him was difficult because he appeared to live in a completely different reality that is against the United States leaders and media.

"Everything they say is a lie. It is 180 degrees — the opposite direction from what is true. Believe me, bro, this is very clear cut,” he explained. “This is the battle, not just of Ukraine. This is the battle between good-and-evil for the future of the world. And right now, it’s looking like the world might just have a chance because us and our friends are kicking some Nazi ass right now."

He closed by praying that God protect the innocent and deliver everything everyone else deserves.

Read the full interview at Rolling Stone and see his video below:

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