CNN senior international correspondent Matthew Chance aired an amazing video on Monday of a Russian armored convoy that had been annihilated during Vladimir Putin's invasion of Ukraine.

"Right within the past few hours there has been a ferocious battle here on the outskirts of Kyiv," he reported. "And this is one of those Russian, Soviet-era vehicles, which is completely burned out."

"You can see this is a bridge actually. There's an access point to the northwest of Kyiv, the Ukrainian capital and the Russian column that has come down here has been absolutely hammered," he reported.

He reported Ukrainian commanders said they had been using western anti-tank missiles to attack Russian troops.

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"Obviously we're still in a very exposed situation right now. There is debris everywhere, the twisted metal of these vehicles. This is obviously just a truck carrying supplies. We saw the armored vehicle in front there. I mean, looking around -- look at this what kind of munitions does it take to do that to a car, to a vehicle? You know, I know that I've been speaking to the local Ukrainian commanders here, they've been saying they were using western anti-tank missiles to attack these columns."

"Look, so recent the battle, this vehicle is still smoking," he reported. "There's still smoke coming out of the back of that, ammunition boxes on the ground," he reported. "A real scene of devastation along this bridge."