CNN reporter Ivan Watson on Thursday broke down how Russia lost a key warship in the latest in a long line of debacles for Vladimir Putin's military.

On Thursday morning in the city Russian-occupied city of Berdyansk, Ukrainian forces successfully took down a large landing ship that Russia's defense ministry recently described as the "first warship of the Russian Federation to enter the port of Berdyansk."

Watson did not sugarcoat how bad this looked for Russia.

"It's certainly got to be an embarrassing setback," he said. "And we do know, because the port is occupied by Russian forces, there's an awful lot of social media video that has come out... that show just this terrible fire burning in the port, consuming the bow of a large Russian warship."

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Watson then said that Russian state TV may have inadvertently helped the Ukrainians bring the ship down.

"Just a couple of days ago, Russian state television, several channels, had different reporters on the bow of this Russian warship, called the Orsk, which is kind of a marine cargo ship," he said. "They may have actually alerted the Ukrainians to the location of this warship, which was then pummeled by some kind of Ukrainian weapon with catastrophic results."

Watch the video below.

'An embarrassing setback': CNN reporter breaks down Putin's latest military debacle in Ukraine