WATCH: Ukrainian UN ambassador calls out Russian counterpart — tells him to pray for his 'salvation'
Ukrainian Ambassador to the U.N. Sergiy Kyslytskya (C-SPAN).

At a meeting of the United Nations on Friday, Ukrainian Ambassador Sergiy Kyslytskya stood up to his Russian counterpart amid the invasion of his country — and invited him to pray for his own salvation.

"Pray for souls of those who have been already killed," said Kyslytskya. "For souls of those who may be killed. And I invite the Russian ambassador to pray for salvation. Please, ladies and gentlemen, let us spend a moment in complete silence."

The Russian ambassador immediately demanded that the "moment of silence" include the lives of the Russian-backed separatists in Donbas, whose supposed safety was the pretext Russia used to initiate the invasion of Ukraine.

The invasion has already resulted in hundreds of deaths and a burgeoning refugee situation at the borders of NATO countries, as Russian forces move in and attempt to seize the capital city of Kyiv — where already people are being forced to use subway stations as bomb shelters.