United Airlines makes a big change after Biden's criticism
United Airlines - N851UA -Airbus A319 - San Francisco International Airport. © Raimond Spekking / CC BY-SA 4.0 (via Wikimedia Commons)

The repercussions of President Joe Biden's State of the Union speech are already being felt as his attack on the airline industry's propensity to charge additional fees to increase revenue has led to United Airlines making a change in their family seating policy.

On Monday United Airlines announced a new process for family seating in order to make it more convenient for parents to sit next to their children

In his address to Congress Biden said, "We will prohibit airlines from charging $50 round trip for a family just to be able to sit together," Bident continued. "Baggage fees are bad enough. Airlines can't treat your child like a piece of baggage."

The changes will take place in a couple weeks in early March, allowing travelers with children under the age of 12 to have more options to book seats right next to them. If adjacent seats are unavailable, the families can rebook their flight at no charge, according to United Airlines.

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United Airlines' chief customer officer also said the airlines plans on introducing additional family-friendly enhancements and options throughout 2023.

The Department of Transportation has publicly stated beginning in 2022 that it is working on establishing protocols to ban airlines from charging additional fees for parents who want to sit next to their younger children. The change is part of the Biden administration's elimination of consumer 'junk fees.'

Additional 'junk fees' under scrutiny include concert and event tickets as well as fees related to late credit card payments.