University of Utah students shouted N-word at Black contractor and threw sunflower seeds at him: report

On Wednesday, ABC4 reported that the University of Utah is investigating reports of a racist incident that allegedly occurred on campus in September.

"In late September 2021, a university contractor was making a delivery to the loading dock at a residence hall on campus," reported Kiah Armstrong. "As he was on the dock, two students in a room above allegedly shouted the N-word. The students also threw sunflower seeds and coffee pods out the window at the contractor, a press release from the University says."

The school says that the incident was reported immediately and school officials were able to quickly identify the responsible individuals, who are now being investigating for committing a hate crime.

"These actions will be called out for what they are — behaviors rooted in hate and racism," said University of Utah President Taylor Randall in a statement. "I will remain steadfast and vocal in our working with our leadership team to create a safe, welcoming, and equitable campus that fosters values of respect, diversity, inclusivity, and belonging. I encourage everyone on our campus to do the same."

The report comes amid a number of other racist incidents at schools around the country. In Midlothian, Texas, a high school student was caught on video calling Black people the N-word and telling them to go back to Africa. And UMass Amherst has hired a cybersecurity firm to investigate a series of racist emails targeting Black students.