University of Utah president scrambles to do damage control after racist incidents at school went unaddressed

The University of Utah's president says the school could have done a better job addressing reports of racism on campus, The Salt Lake Tribune reports.

Taylor Randall addressed recent reports of a group dressed as the KKK in a dorm and another where what appeared to feces was smeared on a Black student's door.

“We regret that our process for addressing racist and biased incidents on our campus did not work as we would want it to and accept responsibility for this shortcoming,” Randall said in a letter to students and faculty sent out late Wednesday.

While the school quickly condemned the incidents but admitted that its Racist and Bias Incident Response Team was never called.

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Randall promised to conduct a comprehensive audit of racist incidents that have taken place on campus over the last year.

“Be certain that we will continue to work as a campus community to make the necessary changes to guarantee our communities of color, and our Black community members in particular, feel safe across campus and especially in their living spaces,” Randall said.

“We will continue to monitor these incidents and will hold identified perpetrators accountable,” he added.

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