​Miami airport police brawl

Another "unruly passenger" was arrested Monday evening in the Miami airport after a police officer pulled his gun on the man.

While many passengers have been arrested due to fights over masks, this man was furious that his chartered flight was canceled, KRON4 reported. Two men then broke out into a fight over the flight in the middle of terminal H.

Passengers Mayfrer Gregorio Serranopaca and Alberto Yanez Suarez were involved in a brawl that allegedly involved one of the men biting an officer on the head. TMZ posted the footage, showing an officer holding the passenger from behind as more officers came to his aide. The video also shows Serranopaca, at one point, grabbing the officer in a headlock before other passengers came to his aide pulling the men apart.

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Those who witnessed the incident told NewsNation that one of the passengers jumped in front of an airport golf cart, stole the keys and refused to give them back to the airport staffer. The incident devolved into chaos from there.

The Transportation and Security Administration (TSA) revealed that thousands of "unruly passengers" have been arrested over the past years. Most have to do with masks mandates. They've announced a zero-tolerance policy that involves hefty fines, possible jail time and some airlines are banning passengers from their airlines. Some of those airlines are also sharing the names of their problematic passengers with other airlines.

See the video from TMZ below: