Extensively detailed New York Times documentary reveals each entrance Capitol attackers broke into and how
Screen capture from New York Times documentary

The New York Times published a 40-minute documentary Wednesday that extensively detailed the attack on the Capitol in new vantage points previously reported only with videos.

Among the pieces detailed in the documentary was a graphic showing each of the doors and windows breached by the attackers and what the police faced at each of those entrances.

Screen capture from NYTimes documentary

The documentary also captures and points out specific people among the crowd. Rosanne Boyland lost consciousness at one of the entry points and as she collapsed. Her friend is shown begging for help. He was ignored and she was trampled under the storming feet of her fellow Trump supporters.

Similarly, the video revealed some of the weapons brought into the building, namely baseball bats, tasers and flag poles they used as weapons. Protests at the U.S. Capitol generally block flags on poles for exactly this reason. This obviously wasn't a sanctioned demonstration.

Screen capture from NYTimes documentary

The video ends with one of the attackers telling a line of police that they're coming back. He said he hopes the police join them that time around.

Screen capture from NYTimes documentary

See the documentary from the New York Times below: