'We're in critical danger': Terrorism expert Malcolm Nance says 'it's gotten even worse since Jan. 6'
MSNBC intelligence analyst Malcolm Nance.

Terrorism, intelligence, insurgency, and torture expert Malcolm Nance joined retired Capitol Police Officer Butch Jones to demand action from officials blocking the Jan. 6 Commission.

Speaking to MSNBC's Joy Reid, Jones explained that the Republicans' newly released report on Jan. 6 made it clear that they are trying to scapegoat the Capitol Police for the attack.

If Republicans think that Capitol Police made the mistake of not being prepared, Jones explained that Congress has no one else to blame but themselves.

"You have to recognize that the Sergeant of Arms of the Capitol, Sergeant of Arms of the House are responsible for making sure that Capitol Police have the necessary back up, the necessary equipment, the necessary whatever to take care of the demonstration," Jones said. "To me is the pot calling the kettle black because if Congress is not going to have an independent audit of what happened, we will never find out the real reason of Jan. 6."

Nance noted that he spent all his time in the military and didn't know that the job of a Capitol Police Officer was more dangerous.

"We told any terrorist, whoever wants to attack the Capitol, how to do it," said Nance. He went on to recall that the night of Jan. 6 they discussed the fear that there were "murder cells" in the group of attackers. Officers then witnessed those kinds of statements.

He said that since the "Big Lie" has taken over the entire philosophy of Republicanism. "Being a liar is the hallmark of advancement in the Republican Party." He cited The Bulwark's Charlie Sykes who called it "disinformation competition."

"You have to be a greater liar than the next person to advance in the Republican Party, so they start making fantasies up," Nance continued. "It's the party of delusion."

Jones said that the American people are the ones who must put pressure on their officials, particularly on Republicans. Only if Republicans are fearful of their jobs will they step up.

Nance ultimately closed by saying that there's a very real danger of a second round of Jan. 6 as Trump allies are calling for a coup and Trump himself is citing "August" as his next big date that he'll be magically reinstalled.

"Well, we're in critical danger," said Nance. "I think it was Nov. 6 I went on Bill Maher's show and said that what we should expect is an insurgency now that the Republicans have lost. His people believe America is only them. That the other 60 percent need to be dominated. And, you know what an insurgency is? It's a sustained political and paramilitary series of insurrections. When they take the fight that would be carried out in the halls of Congress to the streets."

He went on to say that it's gotten even worse since Jan. 6 because of so many feeding into the delusion.

See the full conversation below:

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