New docs reveal US government asked the Mafia for help in killing Fidel Castro: CNN's Tim Naftali
Fidel Castro -- (YouTube screenshot)

New documents reveal that the United States worked on a deal with members of the Mafia to assassinate Cuban dictator Fidel Castro in Cuba.

President Joe Biden released 1,500 pages of information from the assassination investigations surrounding former President John F. Kennedy. Many of the documents don't specifically deal with JFK's murder but it has a lot to do with the FBI and CIA's investigations of any known criminals or suspected Kennedy foes in or around the Dallas, Texas area.

The information released also details information given by sources dealing with issues surrounding the former Soviet Union and Cuba.

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But the most significant release, according to CNN's Tim Naftali, is that the U.S. reached out to Mafia sources to help with a plot to kill Castro. While a number of conspiracy theories of JFK shooters involve Cuba and the Mafia, the documents show that the government certainly investigated the idea.

The plot hatched was using pills that were actually sent to Cuba for the effort. The reason the Mafia was chosen as the option is that they had a casino in Havana in 1961 that could have been used to fulfill the mission.

See the full conversation about the new documents below and read them here.

US government coordinated with Mafia-casino in plot to take out Castro