Ousted GOP leader complains he was 'Kavanaughed' -- and attempts to 'recant' his resignation: report
Salt Lake County Republican Party on Facebook

There is continued fallout from the bombshell Salt Lake Tribune report on behavior by Salt Lake County Republicans that was so horrible Utah's GOP governor was outraged.

"Scott Miller, the former Salt Lake County GOP chair who resigned amid allegations of a toxic and bullying environment in the party, now says he regrets apologizing for the matter and insists he's being 'Kavanaughed.' Seven women came forward with stories of the county party's then-communication director, Dave Robinson, using foul language, calling them inappropriate names and withholding campaign resources from candidates during the past election season. Some of the women said they sought help from Miller, but little was done," the newspaper reports.

Miller resigned less than 24 hours after the story was published.

"I recant my resignation. Unequivocally," Miller argued.

He blamed an unnamed "high-ranking elected official" had urged him to "apologize and move on."

"I didn't want to do it," Miller said. "I acquiesced to the experience of that elected official. And I shouldn't have. I shouldn't have listened to him."

Although he now longer chairs the Salt Lake County Republican Party, Miller is running to chair the Utah Republican Party at the organization's May 1st convention.

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