uvalde police inaction
photo: Screen capture

The body cam footage of a police officer has been revealed to the families and now to the public showing the catastrophic failure of the Uvalde police during the mass shooting that killed 22 people.

The footage shows Uvalde Police Sgt. Daniel Coronado, who was one of the first on the scene along with UPD Officer Justin Mendoza.

He's shown running inside the school talking to dispatchers on the radio that there is a shooting. Gunshots are then heard. Coronado races outside the building to take cover. Meanwhile, inside, the children are being killed. Coronado radios in saying, that the dispatch that he thinks the shooter is contained and in an office, not in a classroom.

Coronado asked if he could open the door to the building because there were more officers arriving asking what they should do.

"What are we doing here?" one asks on video.

Coronado is then seen helping children out of a window. He goes back inside, and the video shows Chief Pete Arredondo pleading with the shooter on a cell phone to come out and let the incident end peacefully. Police dispatch radios call the officers to tell them that a child was on the phone with 911. Coronado can be heard asking, "what did they say?" The dispatch then said that the shooter was inside with all of the victims, "oh f*ck," Coronado can be heard saying.

It has been eight weeks since the mass shooting and none of the families had seen the body cam video until this weekend. It shows the 77 minutes of inaction officers standing around outside the classrooms where the gunman was firing.

Speaking to CNN after showing the video, former FBI deputy assistant director Andrew McCabe said that the widely trained and accepted process is that first responders grab their weapon and try to take the shooter out.

"The district attorney, the investigators here, have been holding this video back. The mayor felt that out of transparency, this needed to be released," said CNN's Shimon Prokupecz.

McCabe went on to say that with a department this small the only reasonable option is to eliminate the force and rebuild it from the bottom up.