Father of Uvalde shooting victim describes 'rage' as he was escorted from meeting with officials
People mourn as they attend a vigil for the victims of the mass shooting at Robb Elementary School in Uvalde, Texas on May 25, 2022(AFP)

The mayor of Uvalde told a father of a slain student that he didn't make the list of people who were allowed in the briefing on Sunday.

Police escorted Alfred Garza, the father of Amerie Jo Garza, from the room, saying that he wasn't allowed to be there.

"I wasn't a parent where like daughter — hey is a birthday card, I'll see you next year," said Garza to the mayor. "I have pictures with my daughter. Tons of pictures in my phone. Who kicked me out of the meeting? I was escorted out."

The mayor swore that he had nothing to do with it and that he wasn't even in the room when it happened. Garza was removed as the state investigation committee came into the room to brief the press and families about what they call a report was published.

"There was a meeting at the college at 2:00 and that was for the families to — it was like a review of the investigation for the families directly so I went to go sit inside and asked to leave because I wasn't on the list but my daughter passed away. You know?" he told CNN outside.

He described her as an "awesome person" and "the light of my life."

See the interview below:

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