Multiple victims after shooting at Uvalde Park: report
Uvalde Police Department on Facebook.

The Uvalde Police Department is asking residents to stay away from Uvalde Memorial Park due to an active crime scene.

"The Uvalde Police Department is currently investigating a shooting with injured victims," the department posted to Facebook.

KSAT-TV reported, "Two juveniles are hospitalized after being shot at Uvalde Memorial Park Thursday evening, according to Uvalde police."

Both victims were transported via helicopter to a San Antonio hospital.

"Police said they’re looking for a juvenile suspect in connection with the shooting and they do know his name, though it hasn’t been released publicly," the network reported.

Memorial Park, on Main Street, features a basketball court, playground equipment and a skate park, among other amenities.

CBS news correspondent Lilia Luciano reported she was at the park.

"An area has been cordoned off and there is some police presence here," Luciano reported. "I’m seeing a car with the door open and a backpack on the ground. Police are interviewing possible witnesses."

CNN's Shimon Prokupecz reported there is "no current threat in Uvalde."

"No current threat in Uvalde. Certainly scary for the community and parents of Robb Elementary victims who were in a meeting at the civic center when the shooting happened nearby," he explained. "The mayor says at least 2 people were shot."

The Texas Department of Public Safety also weighed in.

"We are working with the Uvalde Police Department and Sheriff’s Office following a suspected gang related shooting at Memorial Park," Texas DPS reported. "This information is preliminary, as the situation develops we will work with local law enforcement to provide updates."

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