'Don't shove it down my throat!' Hospitalized patient says he'd rather get COVID again than get vaccinated
Screen cap / CBS This Morning

A man who has been hospitalized after coming down with the novel coronavirus told CBS News on Wednesday that he would rather suffer from the disease all over again rather than get vaccinated.

According to CBS News, Louisiana resident Scott Roe first got sick with COVID-19 and he subsequently developed severe pneumonia that landed him in the hospital until he was finally sent home this week.

When asked by CBS whether he'd do anything differently if given the chance again, Roe said he wouldn't.

"Don't shove it down my throat!" Roe said of the vaccine. "That's what local, state, and federal administration was trying to do."

"What are they shoving, the science?" asked the reporter.

"No, they're shoving the fact that it's their agenda!" he replied. "Their agenda is to get you vaccinated!"

Roe was then shown a statement by local Rep. Steve Scalise (R-LA) about the importance of getting the vaccine -- and he again replied that he didn't care.

Watch the video below.

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