'Anti-masker wackjobs' force lockdowns at three different Washington state schools: report

Three schools in Vancouver, Washington went into lockdown on Friday due to an anti-mask protest by far-right groups.

Vancouver Public Schools put Skyview High School, Alki Middle School, and Chinook Elementary School on lockdown, KOIN-TV reports.

"The lockdown allows normal operations to continue inside the school. All students and staff members remain safely inside. District resource officers are onsite to help maintain safety," district spokesperson Patricia Nuzzo said.

Extremism researcher Jared Holt says the rally was organized by the Proud Boys, Ammon Bundy's "People's Rights" organization, and Patriot Prayer.

"A trifecta of right-wing extremist groups banded together for an anti-mask school stunt," he explained, posting video of the rally.

One Twitter user posted screengrabs that appeared to show his conversation with a daughter under lockdown.

"I'm in lockdown," daughter Grace Pollard told father Ryan Pollard. "We think one of the protesters is in the building.

"Ok listen to your teacher and stay calm," the father instructed.

"I'm always calm," she replied.

"She we be worried?" Ryan Pollard asked.

Grace replied "Idk" for "I don't know."

Ryan Pollard was livid.

"I've absolutely had it with these anti-vaxxer anti-maskers wackjobs. About to go to war here," he wrote when posting the screengrabs of his texts.